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VTI Technologies Oy

P.O. Box 27
FI-01621 Vantaa

Phone:  +358 9 8791 81
Fax: +358 9 8791 8791

Mr. Hannu Manninen
VTI technologies
Teknia Rm 601
780 Cailun Lu
201203 Shanghai
P.R. China

Phone: +86 21 5132 0400

VTI Technologies Oy

Business segments:
Automotive, Medical Technology, Moving Machines, Instruments, Terminals and Sports and Fitness

Reliability, Accuracy and Stability

who we are:

VTI Technologies is a forerunner in motion and pressure sensors and the world's leading designer and producer of acceleration sensors in the automotive industry. VTI develops and produces silicon based capacitive sensors with unique 3D-MEMS (Micro- ElectroMechanical System) technology, with application areas in acceleration, inclination, shock, vibration and pressure measurement. The company's products are benefiting other industries as well, e.g. medical technology and sports and fitness sectors.

The company is the market leader in low-g acceleration sensors with over 50 % global market share in the automotive industry. VTI's strong market position is based on a good technology basis, innovative products and excellent reliability and performance. The company's objective is to increase its market share remarkably also in applications for other industries like sports and fitness, medical and terminal businesses.

what we offer:

VTI's core competence emerges from the integration of three areas: sensor design, measuring the physical phenomena of motion and the MEMS process (MEMS = MicroElectroMechanicalSystem).

We are the only 3D-MEMS manufacturer providing a range of products from the lowest cost to the highest performance based on this technology in high volumes. 3D-MEMS provides small device area and thus low cost. It also enables very low power consumption, high stability and accuracy over temperature. 3D-MEMS technology provides customers a unique potential for a wide range of innovative designs.

what we want:

  • Searching for new contacts in the Asiatic market.
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