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teclogic GbR
Dr. R. Klaebsch, K. Flor, R. Henke

Schattberge 11
D-39307 Gladau

Phone:  +49 39342 939907
Fax: +49 39342 939908

PhD (Eng) Rolf-Arno Klaebsch (CEO)
MSc (Eng) Klaus Flor (COO)

Dresden Office:
Zur Wetterwarte 27
D-01109 Dresden

Phone:  +49 351 205 2400
Fax: +49 351 205 2424


Dr. Rolf-Arno Klaebsch
Klaus Flor (LTR)

teclogic GbR

Factory Planning - Production Logistics - Project Management

what we want:

teclogic is a company which places its highly qualified employees internationally in all departments and special fields of factory planning, production logistics and project management as well as on all levels of projects.

We see ourselves as partners of entrepreneurs and of companies in the arrangement of producing and servicing fields as well as technological and organisational processes.

Our methods are linked with our extensive product and technological know how give us the possibility to carry out these projects from idea to realisation.

what we offer:

Our Services To You

  • Planning, consulting and realisation projects in fields of factory planning, production logistics, organisation and work design and project management
  • Net investments, restructuring and reconstruction of fabrication facilities
  • relocation and shut downs of factories
  • Launching of new products and new technologies at new and at existing production lines
  • Capacity extensions and adaptions

We support our customer with individual but complete services. We follow request of your markets.

Your Tasks To Us

Fab Structure and Equipment Planning

  • Calculation of equipment demands, equipment evaluation
  • Media data, volumes and supply
  • Headcount panning
  • Area requests, block layout and detailed planning
  • Logistical concepts and technical planning for logistic solutions teclogic

Technical planning, basic supply and Hook Up for Semiconductor industries

  • Concepts, drafts and detailed planning
  • Facility planning, Hook-Up planning and implementation

Project Management and Supervising

  • Project organisation und Project planning
  • Time scheduling, project controlling
  • Technical project management
  • Reportingand project documentation

For any or further request please contact !

what we want:

Meet partners, requests and investors for planning, consulting, coaching and implementation in production, logistics, organisation and project management.

call: +49 700 t e c l o g i c

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