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Shanghai Sinyang Electronics Chemicals Co., Ltd

No. 328, Gaochao Rd., Jiangqiao
Industrial Zone, Jiading Shanghai,
P.R. China 201803

Phone:  +86-21-69110090
Fax: +86-21-69110091

Contact: Mr. Haibo Lu

Chinese Famous Material & Equiptment Supplier for Semiconductor Industry

who we are:

Shanghai Sinyang Electronics Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a high technology enterprise, which is incorporated as a S'pore Ltd. Company, and now its total property is up to $10 million; Mainly bends ourselves to R&D, Design, Manufacture, Sale and service after sale of electronic chemicals and related equipments; acts always on the Company Tenet---"Technology, Quality, Service, Cooperation", based on the continuously increased general strength as backup force to creates its well-known product brand in Semiconductor industry.

Shanghai Sinyang Electronics Chemicals Co., Ltd. obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certificate which was issued by CCIB in 2003, and won the title of "Foreign Investment Advanced Technology Enterprise in Shanghai" in 2005, and part of products have been gained "High New Technology Fruit Transformed Project" Grade A Certificate.

Shanghai Sinyang Electronics Chemicals Co., Ltd. got rapid development every year as the rate up to 30% from its establishment, and in 2005 the business increased rate is 46.2% higher than last year.

what we offer:

  • SYD/SYED Series Deflashing Solution
  • SYT Series IC Lead-frame Electroplating Chemicals
  • SYC Series Environmental Friendly EN Chemicals
  • SYS Series High Purity and Super Cleaned Chemicals used in Wafer Manufacturing
  • SSP Series Strip to Strip Solder Plating Line
  • HCP Series Automatic Rack Plating Line
  • SSD/SSED Series High Pressure Water Jet

what we want:

  • A cooperation with partners of the semiconductor industry
  • Explore new business opportunities worldwide

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