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Shanghai Simgui Technology Co., Ltd

200 Puhui Road, Jiading,
Shanghai 201821,

Phone:  +86-21-69522599
Fax: +86-21-69522221

Contact: Dr. Wei Li


Dr. Xi Wang
President & CEO

Global leading SOI materials supplier China's best epitaxial foundry

who we are:

Shanghai Simgui Technology Co., Ltd (Simgui), a high-tech

company in Shanghai, focusing on silicon based semiconductor materials. It was spinned off from Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and now is a joint venture with a couple of investors from Silicon Valley. Its management team consists of 6 Ph.Ds and under their leadship the company is running at the standard of international semiconductor enterprises.

Simgui's mission is to grow and develop into the global leading company supplying SOI wafers and providing foundry services for epitaxial (EPI) wafers in its selected sectors of the semiconductor industries. Both SOI and EPI business are growing dramatically in Simgui.

what we offer:

Our SOI Business

  • A world-class SOI wafer provider. The only one in China, and one of a few in the world
  • SOI means silicon-on-insulator. SOI is one of the most advanced Si based materials and has been used widely in IC industry.
  • The company's SOI customers are from USA, Korea, Japan, Europe, Taiwan and Mainland China among which there are some famous international companies such as Intel, Samsung, Infineon, etc.
  • Since it is the unique SOI base in China, the company is supported by both the central and the local government of China, applying and obtaining a lot of financial resources from all kinds of governmental funds and projects every year.

Our EPI Business

  • The company is one of the 4 EPI providers in China, getting good prestige for its No.1 quality and leading technology.
  • EPI demands are growing rapidly by 30% in China that the domestic suppliers cannot satisfy. Meanwhile, the overseas customers are seeking cheap EPI products in China.
  • As a result, the company's EPI markets share in Mainland China has been increased 20% after it began EPI business for just 2 years.
  • As the first joint venture of EPI house, the company takes full advantage of foreign market resources to develop its overseas customers including TI, On Semi, Mitsubishi, Fairchild, etc.

what we want:

  • A cooperation with partners of the semiconductor industry
  • Explore new business opportunities worldwide

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