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Silicon Sensor
International AG

Charlottenstrasse 57
D-10117 Berlin

Phone:  +49 (0)30 20 94 57 10
Fax: +49 (0)30 20 94 57 19

Dr. Bernd Kriegel

Dr. Bernd Kriegel,
Chairman of the Executive Board

Dr. Hans-Georg Giering

Dr. Hans-Georg Giering,
Member of the Executive Board

Silicon Sensor
International AG, Berlin

Silicon Sensor International AG - Specialists in the production of customised optoelectronic sensors

What we are:

Silicon Sensor International AG is one of the leading manufacturers of opto-electronic sensors world-wide and a specialist for custom-made applications.

The world market of optosensoric and microsystem technology is one of the key markets of this century. Application fields like telecommunication, automotive, medical and environmental application, mechanical engineering or robot systems contribute to a certain independence of our company regarding trade fluctuations.

what we offer:

Manufacturer of high performance Silicon Photo detectors

  • PIN Photodiodes
  • Avalanche Photodioden (APD)
  • Position sensing Photodiodes (PSD)
  • Wavelength sensitive Photodiodes
  • Photodiode arrays
  • Quadrant Diodes

for identifying and measuring alpha, beta, gamma and X-rays, ultraviolet and visible light, and near-IR radiation


All the devices Silicon Sensor manufactures optimally fit the application in specification and packaging

We fulfil requests regarding:

  • lowest dark current
  • minimum series resistance
  • lowest capacitance
  • long carrier life time
  • low cross-talk
  • fast response
  • minimum reflection
Product pictures

Avalanche Photo detector with transimped amplifiers for ellipsometry

Variety of Avalanche Photodiodes, Arrays and Position Sensing Photodiodes

Sensor modules with position sensing detectors und quadrant detectors

Avalanche Photo detector