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Shanghai Shenhe
Thermal-magenetic Co.,Ltd.

181 Shanlian Rd, Shanghai
Baoshan City Industral Garden, Shanghai,
P.R. China
P.C.: 200436

Phone:  +86-21-36161010
Fax: +86-21-36160443

Contact: Wenli Feng


Xianhan He

China's Largest Silicon Material Foundry

who we are:

Shanghai Shenhe Thermo-magnetic Electronic Co.,Ltd is located in the Shanghai Baoshan City Industral, Garden. It established in May 1995. It mainly provide semiconductor materials, semicon- ductor equipment and semiconductor grade cleaning service.

what we offer:


Main products of FTS include heavily and doped As Sb or B silicon ingot with the diameter ranged from 4" to 6" and crystal orientations of both (100) and (111) 6" and 8" solar cell grade silicon crystal ingots also are available for customer needs. Current annual production capacity of silicon ingots will reach 70 ton. Quality of silicon ingot has earned good reputation from customers at home and abroad.

Polished wafer

FTS introduced a wafering production line from Toshiba Cera- mics of Japan in 2002. Advanced processing and inspection equipments are used to produce polished silicon wafers for MOS circuits and epitaxial substrate for microwave and memory circuits. With high quality of surface flatness, cleanliness and gettering capability, 4"-6" as-cut, as lapped and polished wafer produced in FTS would fully satisfy the requirements of semi- conductor customers. FTS silicon has taker the leading position of silicon material area in China. Anneal production capacity of FTS silicon will reach 5 million wafers.

FT-CZ0618S Ingot Puller

Mainly used for CZ silicon crystal ingot with the diameter of 6-8 inch

  1. Computer control system and touch screen display;
  2. If more than one FT-CZ0618S furnace are used, the soft ware can be copied from one to another;
  3. Automatic control for entire growing process (from melting, stabilizing, neck, crown, shoulder, body to tail);
  4. UPS socket is prepared on furnace;
  5. Control system: Power supply is separately controlled by highly precise CPU controller which has LC filter to avoid strike on power supply net and interference to other equipment.

what we want:

We seek future domestic and international cooperation and joint development.

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