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Sensorik & Systemtechnologie GmbH

Rabenfelde 5
D-15526 Bad Saarow / Neu Golm

Phone:  +49 (33631) 59650
Fax: +49 (33631) 59652

Dr. Ing. Andreas Fischer


Sensorik & Systemtechnologie GmbH


The proof of our products and service is reflected by the loyalty of our clients!

who we are:Who we Are

who we are:

SENSYS is a well established specialist electronic development company located 50km SE of Berlin and consisting of a wide range of facilities. Founded in 1990 by Dr. A. Fischer, SENSYS has progressively researched, designed and developed an extensive range of Electromagnetic Detection & Measurement Systems. With a qualified experi- enced team SENSYS provides valuable training, testing, quality assurance evaluation and technical backup to its clients.

Core Competences:

  • Software Development
  • Magnetic/Electromagnetic
  • Research Security Technology
  • Quality Evaluation

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

what we offer:

Our range of capabilities:

With our background we offer products and solutions for below surface surveying on land or in water. We enable you to map hidden ground installations (including water pipes, gas pipes, electrical wires and communication cables), building remains (basements, cellars), archaeological structures (fire places, living places, roads), geophysical structu- res (field borders, grooves, distortions) and single objects (UXO, unexploded ordnance), shrapnel, mines, nuggets etc). We use and supply high sensitive magnetic, electromagnetic, radar, nuclear and radiation detectors. With our own technology we can locate 2cm objects in data sets of 4 square kilometres or on individual persons!


  • Mapping and Data Evaluation Software MAGNETO.
  • Precise Navigation Software DLMGPS to control sensing equipment for fast data acquisition.
  • High-resolution GPS aided Data Logger MX- Compact.
  • Magnetic Sensors, Electromagnetic Sensors.
  • Bomb Locators, Mine Locators.
  • Walk-Through Detectors, Hand-held Search Detectors, Mail-bomb Detectors, Combined/ Combination Detectors, Nuclear and Radiation Detectors.

what we want:

We offer an open partnership to use our products and technology in Asia.

We are searching for professional partners who can apply this service and can support our products.

As a company we are interested in further improving our technology and possibly moving our production line to Asia.

We offer Scientific Institutes the ability of our two 12m Cassegrain Antennae on our part of the globe!

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