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Oy Samill Ltd

Pilot Business Park
D-07768 Kahla

Phone:  +358 8 5270153
Fax: +358 8 5270105

Mr. Pekka Holappa
Samill recycling

Teknia Rm 601
780 Cailun Lu
201203 Shanghai
P.R. China

Phone:  +86 21 5132 0400
Cutting Edge Environmental Technology

who we are:

Samill - Company Background

Electric and electronic waste is piling up at an accelerating pace, causing environmental problems for governments and companies all over the globe. Mr. Rauno Holappa, president of Samill Ltd, predicted this development already in the late 1990s.

Holappa explored the market. He recognized a business opportunity and set out to find technological solutions to the challenges ahead. His research resulted in several patented environmental products during the late 1990s.

The demand for environmental technology is growing so fast that it's claimed to be the world's fastest growing industry, and Samill is ready.

"Now, after years of relentless research and development, we have arrived. Our timing is right and our technology is cutting edge. We can offer e-waste recycling in a environmentally sustainable and financially profitable manner," says Holappa.

what we offer:

A Unique Technology

Samill is the first company in the world to develop a dry process which makes it possible to recycle all electric and electronic components without causing any damage to the environment. The technology also enables handling and recycling of all byflow materials, such as toxic liquids, created in the manufacturing processes.

"The processes used by the electronics industry result in many different toxic liquids. Our technology makes it possible to cleanse all the liquids and put them all back into circulation. We have great expectations regarding our technology, since there is nothing like it on the market," says President Holappa.

what we want:

Marketleader by 2008

Samill is establishing an e-recycling plant in Shanghai, China, and pressing to strengthen its marketing and sales in the Chi- nese market. The opening of Samill's new Shanghai office is an essential step in that direction.

"Our technology and timing give us a head start in the Chinese market. We need to capitalize on that in order to achieve our goal of being one of the leading e-recyclers in the Chinese market by 2008", President Holappa continues.

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