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Center of Processes Analysis and Research, Ltd

Zellu Str. 8

Phone:  (+371) 7625583
Fax: (+371) 7033781

Contact person:
Dr. phys. Uldis Bethers
Board member

Center of Processes Analysis and Research, Ltd.

Expertise in hydrology and engineering

who we are:

who we are:

"Center of Processes' Analysis and research", Ltd (PAIC) is a private R&D company founded by the researchers of the Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia.

The main business interests of PAIC concern mathematical modeling and consulting in innovative technologies, engineering and hydrology, as well as development of specialised modelling software and net-based information technologies.

The research fields in engineering encounter modeling of heat and mass transfer, hydrodynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, solid mechanics, investigations of thermophysical parameters of constructions and materials, and knowledge/modelling support for material sciences. The research in hydrology encounters modeling of coastal hydro- and morphodynamical processes, river hydraulics and hydrodynamics, groundwater filtration, soil and structural mechanics, and water quality.

Our aim is in welding a high level of theoretical investigations with the employment of contemporary analysis and visualiza- tion tools to define the key problems of our customers and to provide complex solutions meeting their needs at the best available level.

what we offer:


We have experience in modelling of

  • Fluid dynamics (turbulence, MHD, acoustics, waves)
  • Heat transfer (conduction, radiation, convection)
  • Mass transfer (mixtures, particles, moisture)
  • Solid mechanics
    (elastic, plastic, viscoelastic and soil models)
  • Surface diffusion and oxidation on structured semiconductor surfaces
  • Sintering of ceramic materials
  • Drying of porous materials
  • Optimisation algorithms
  • Development of 3D surfaces
    (moving, joining, splitting)
  • Coupling of most of the physical proceses mentioned above

Software development

We offer modelling software with

  • High customization level
  • Fast and easy pre- and postprocessing
  • Coupling of several models
    (heat, flow, stress, moving boundaries etc ...)

what we want:

  • Help your R&D activities using modelling
  • Provide consultancy for solving your key engineering problems
  • Add value to your engineering/consultancy services to 3rd parties
  • Sell customized modelling and data aquiring/analysing software
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