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KAPI electronics GmbH

Am Flugplatz 1
D-16227 Eberswalde

Phone:  +49 3335 451480
Fax: +49 3335 451489



CEO Marco Limberg

KAPI electronics GmbH

KAPI electronics GmbH - Economical remote monitoring of your mobile or stationary systems

who we are:

Our competences are research, development, production and sale of the innovative modular technical system KAPI data recorder with self-developed operating and evaluation software.

The flexibly usable KAPI system equipped with autarkic sensors serves for the remote data transmission. The little box has approximately the measures of a car radio and is developed for mobile and stationary systems particularly for aeronautics.

what we offer:

Products and application areas

The KAPI system is used where data remote monitoring of mobi- le or stationary systems (e.g. aircraft, equipment, machines and plants) is necessary.

Technical data and condition data of mobile and stationary systems are recorded, stored, processed, evaluated and transmitted.

Within General Aviation

  • KAPI Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • KAPI Logger for self-installation

Users: flight schools, charter carriers, organizers of flight competitions

Advantage: flights are comprehensible, damages and wear are recognizable early, increase of the safety of pilot and airspace

Product pictures

Outside of aviation:

  • KAPI control

Users:runners of heating systems, wind power plants; rental of boats, automobiles, building machines

Advantage:economical remote monitoring and telecontrol link

Product pictures


  • self-developed sensor modules
  • the KAPI software (operation and evaluation)
Product pictures

Operation of the KAPI system

An efficient microprocessor records the readings (e.g. temperatures, pressure, voltage) and transmits them onto your mobile phone, notebook or PC in the case of limiting value transgressions and emergencies compulsory as an alarm report and on query or by entire date readout.

The recorded data are evaluated and visualized with the special evaluation software KAP.

Product pictures

what we want:

We are looking for cooperation partners for the production, sale and licensee.