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ISA - Innovative Systemlösungen für die Automation GmbH

Köglerweg 25
8042 Graz

Phone:  +43 (0)316 811651-0
Fax: +43 (0)316 811651-22


Dipl.-Ing. Markus Sammer,
Managing Director

ISASTORE ®- the warehouse management system (WMS)

who we are:Who we Are

who we are:

ISA GmbH is known as one of the world's most qualified software houses in the field of warehouse and material handling engineering. Our services include the design and adaptation of solutions to tailor made software programs for the key fields of the manufacturing and warehouse automation.

Our head office is situated in Graz (Austria). Our branches in Johannesburg, Peking and Shanghai are responsible for marketing and sales as well as for an optimal customer relation in South Africa and China.

what we offer:

Our range of capabilities:

  • Consulting - Logistics - Software
  • Control Technology - Process and System Display
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • AGV Systems
  • Medical Solutions - Archiving
  • Logistics - Total Solutions

Besides fully automatic software solutions especially manual warehouses using RF- handheld terminals and bar code sys- tems are offered for the Asian market. A high stock exactness and a minimization of shipping errors are realized through these

solutions. The software is available in 8 different languages, of course in Chinese. As a goody the language can be switched online during the execution time of the software without logging out or rebooting the application.

Particularly for overseas countries we offer European technic with local support in China.

More than fifteen years experience in the field of physical and data warehousing as well as in material flow. Smooth integration of our solutions in complex commercial systems. Continuous research and innovation by using the most modern project-, design- and software-tools available, high qualification with a sound experience characterise our competence.

what we want:

  • Cooperation with Chinese companies in the field of warehouse and material handling logistics.

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