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Rudower Chaussee 29/32
D-12489 Berlin

Phone:  +49 30 6392 6500
Fax: +49 30 6392 6501

Managing Directors :
Mr. Norbert Langhoff,
Prof., Ph.D.
Mr. Aniouar Bjeoumikhov,
Mr. Michael Haschke,

Prof. Dr. N. Langhoff

Micro- and Nanostructured Glass - X-ray Optics and X-ray Analysis

what we offer:

Research, development and production in selected fields of X-ray optics and analysis with special competence in X-ray capillary optics, compact microfocus X-ray sources and new detector systems.

We manufacture and sale a wide range of X-ray capillary optics, low-power microfocus X-ray sources, X-ray energy filters and monochromators. Fluorescence and diffractometric X-ray analysis systems are developed and manufactured according to special requirements of our customers.

Product overview:

  • X-ray mono- and polycapillary capillary optics
    (guides: cylindrical / parabolical/ elliptical, lenses, semilenses, special optics)
  • X-ray sources
    (Micro-focus tube with optics for -XRF and -XRD)
  • Monochromators
    (HOPG, monochromatising x-ray guides, monochromatising concentrators)
  • Detectors
    (12-Channel Silicium-Drift-Detector)
  • iMOXS module for XRF at SEM
    (module with a capillary optics - spot size ~50m on a sample - enables performing x-ray fluorescence analysis at SEM with a high sensitivity)

what we want:

We look for partnership in sale, installation and service of IfG-products by enterprises or specialized dealers (vendor independent).

The partner should have good contacts to research institutes (universities and governmental) for the X-ray optical components, and to users of electron microscopes for the -XRF excitation source.

Further, the partner should have experience with sales, installation and service of accessories of scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and/or micro analysing systems.

Product pictures Product pictures

Micro- and nanostructured glass

X-ray lenses

Capillary optics in housing