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GreenWay Systeme GmbH

Große Müllroser Straße 46
D-15232 Frankfurt (Oder)

Phone:  +49-335-5 56 04-50
Fax: +49-335-5 56 04-60


Hans-Georg Reicherdt,
Managing director

GreenWay Systeme GmbH

GreenWay Systeme GmbH - Innovative products in traffic telematics, especially for road safety

who we are:

Our main competence:

Network solutions and systems for automatic traffic control, Intelligent connection of navigation by satellite, traffic data recording and data transmission

We are partners for development, manufacture and marketing of systems for road traffic telematic, inclusive for project manage- ment and support.

what we offer:


  • GreenWay system,
  • staucon (mobile traffic jam warning system)

GreenWay system is a satellite supported control system for priority switching of traffic lights for rescue and emergency vehicles

The users:

  • fire brigade
  • Emergency services
  • Paramedics
  • Police
  • Disaster control
  • VIP

succesfully applied for 5 years

The effects:

  • GreenWay system reduces the reaction time for emergency and rescue forces and increases safety for all road users That helps to save human lives and gives drivers of rescue vehicles an important support.

The advantages:

  • unique technology advantage
  • route independent operation
  • fast routing algorithm
  • real time GPS tracking
  • automatic initialization with special signal
  • junction priming in advance
  • quick return to normal signal operation
  • modular implementation (signals and cars)
  • GPS realy ensures optimal signal control
  • no additional street furniture

what we want:

  • Transfer of technology in the asiatic market and sales

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