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FRT, Fries Research &
Technology GmbH

Friedrich Ebert Straße
D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach

Phone:  +49 2204 842430
Fax: +49 2204 842431

Dr. Thomas Fries, CEO


FRT - Setting the standard. The art of metrology™

who we offer:

FRT GmbH manufactures innovative optical measuring instruments, that may be equipped with various sensor technologies. They enable for measuring, evaluating and showing of roughness, shape, topography and film thickness of surfaces as a profile or in 3D mode. The optical sensors of the instruments allow for non touching and non destructive investigation of surface structures with fast measurement. To cover all necessary dimensions, the instruments of FRT may be equipped with atomic force microscopy (AFM). So measurements from nanometers to meters are possible in one single instrument.

With an easy and intuitive use, fast measuring times and the optional automation the instruments do ideally meet production needs. Also the instruments may be delivered with complete housing and could so be used from lab to production line for workers self testing or automated control of the manufacturing process.

what we want:

Looking for manufacturers in the areas of semiconductor/microelectronics, automotive, optics and MEMS, who have surface metrology needs in production or development and research institutes. Targeted are production, development, quality assurance and research.

Metrology for:

  • Semiconductor/microelectronics
  • Automotive
  • Optics
  • MEMS
Product pictures

FRT 300 mm metrology tool for TTV (total thickness variation), bow, step height and roughness measurement.

Topography and profile of an aspheric micro lens systems

FRT multi sensor arrangement (optical and AFM).