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eMobile Comm (Shanghai) Inc.

3938, Hu Qing Ping Road,
201703 P.R.China

Phone:  +86-21-5975 0099
Fax: +86-21-5975 0077


Steve Chang, General Manager


Quality System Certification

Electronics Manufacturing Services Expertise in GPRS, CDMA and GPS Manufacturer

what we are:

buildingEstablished since year 2000 and leading EMS provider.

We focus on new assembly technology and process with highly efficient and flexible operation that are necessary to maintain a competitive advantage and react to market changes rapidly.

what we offer:

Service Offering

  • PPS (Proto Pilot Services)
    • Engineering Verification Test
    • Design Verification Test
  • PCB Assembly
    • World Class SMT Machine
  • Functionality Test
    • World Class Test Instrument
  • Final Assembly
    • Skillful Trained Operator

Process Capability

  • Thin/Flex PCB Assembly
    • Mass Production Stage
  • Lead Free Process
    • Mass Production Stage
  • CSP Assembly Process
    • Mass Production Stage
  • 0201 Assembly Process
    • Has done extensive studies


  • High speed and high accuracy mounter
    • Produce up to 300k/month
  • Complete Test solution
    • Produce up to 300k/month
Product pictures Product pictures

Lead Free SMT Line

Test Station

Final Assembly Line