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O‹ Elvior

Mustamše tee 44
Tallinn 10621

Phone:  +3726671737

Contact: Mr Andres Kull, CEO


O‹ Elvior

The Embedded Software Professionals

who we are:

Elvior is embedded software development and testing company.

Elvior strongly advocates proper software testing in all stages of embedded software development process from unit to target testing. We believe that software testing will improve and speed up significantly if the embedded software is tested primarily on workstations using simulated target environments.

Elvior has built a number of customized workstation testing and simulation environments to test its customers' embedded applications.

what we offer:

  • embedded software development services
  • embedded software testing services
  • consultancy in black-box testing methodology
  • black-box testers development and sale
  • MessageMagic
  • XML-Simulator

what we want:

  • Reseller of our black-box testers
    (MessageMagic, XML-Simulator) in China.

Requirements for the reseller:

  • Should be competent in embedded and distributed SW development.
  • Should have a broad customer base among of embedded and distributed SW developers.
  • Should be able to provide support for customers.

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