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Gesellschaft für computergestützten Leiter- plattenentwurf mbH

Saarbrücker Straße 38A
D-10405 Berlin

Phone:  +49 30 9270 32-0
Fax: +49 30 9270 32-20

Sales Director:
Brigitte Gross,
Managing Partner


alpha-board gmbh, Berlin

Your spezialized PCB-Layouter for high density boards

what we offer:

We convert advanced circuits and integrated electronics into a qualified physical design. For this, our PCB layouts take a new path to the design and miniaturizing of assembled flat packs. We provide the complete manufacturing cycle of an electronic flat pack

  • CAD - Design
  • PCB - Delivery
  • CAM - Assembly
  • CAQ - Quality Assurance

We design, deliver and assemble PCBs in all the different technologies - and in scheduled delivery if you like.

  • From 2 to 60 layers
  • rigid, flex, rigid flex or semi flex boards
  • Prototyping and series
  • Scheduled delivery
  • HDI
  • SBU
  • laserdrilled Microvias
  • integrated R, C and I in the inner layers
  • partial laser structuring
  • SMD
  • BGA
  • COB

Our core competence is the design of highly complex circuits in modern connection technologies. By using modern software tools and employing our versatile knowledge of the manufacturing of electronic flat packs we guarantee optimal solutions. For this, we look for

  • optimization of high frequency properties
  • optimization of electromagnetic compability
  • optimization of cost-performance-ratio
  • raising of wiring and components density
  • reduction of surface, volume and mass
  • innovative product design

We put major emphasis on design and delivery of PCBs in advanced connection technologies, such as high density inter- connections and sequential build-ups. With lasered through- hole plating, integrated resistors, capacities and inductivities in the inner layers and partial laser structuring it enables us to deliver performance orientated product design and a significant raise in all technical properties.

This technology, in connection with our special knowledge, is extremely useful for PCB applications in the aerospace industry, where emphasis is put on miniaturizing efforts.

what we want:

  • Projects in the aerospace industry of the region
  • Cooperation with partners of same technology / industrial sector

Product pictures