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Allresist GmbH

Am Biotop 14
D-15344 Strausberg

Phone:  +49 3341 3593-0
Fax: +49 3341 3593-29

Executive managers:
Mrs. Brigitte Schirmer and
Mr. Matthias Schirmer

Contact: Mr. Matthias Schirmer


Mrs. Brigitte Schirmer and Mr. Matthias Schirmer

The Allresist Company was founded on October 16 th 1992. The company has 10 employees today. The turnover in the year 2004 was 750.000 EUR.

Photoresists � E-Beamresists � Resists for micro system technique

what we offer:

Development, production and sales of photo- and e-beam resists including corresponding process-chemicals. Manufacture of small quantities up to the production of large batches.

Special preparation according to customer's request with competent consultation.

Processing of numerous research and development subjects and preparation of experimental samples.


  • Positive, Negative, Image reversal
  • Exposure by g-line, i-line, Deep-UV (250 nm)
  • Lift-off-application
  • Thick resists for micro system technique
  • Top surface imaging resists


  • Positive, Negative, Mix & match
  • PMMA-Resists
  • Chemical Amplified Resists
  • Analogue E-Beamresists
  • Resolution down to 10 nm

Special resists

  • Alkali- and etch stable resists
  • Thermal stable resists
  • Protective Coatings
  • Polyimide

what we want:

The Allresist Company looks in China for customers and for partnership in the field of resist technology.

The main focus of the resist developments is the optimization of positive and negative photoresists for i-line and g-line. A technology transfer of the resist manufacture and quality management system is possible in future.

Product pictures

LIGA Structures with AR-N 4400

Analogue pattern with AR-N 7720

70 nm lattice with AR-N 7500

Lift-off-structure by AR-U 4000